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Penn Terminals’ goal is zero fatalities and zero incidents. Our commitment is to ensure ‘no harm to people’ and that applies not only to our employees, customers, contractors and sub-contractors, but extends to third party visitors as well. As an example, every day more than 500 truck drivers enter Penn Terminals, and we need to ensure they too conduct themselves in a safe manner. Our responsibility is to ensure a safe work environment; we believe that everyone should be able to return home safely at the end of their work day.

We have continued to be an industry leader in safety performance in 2018 in terms of injury reduction, and our Lost-Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) Rate has declined to .6. During 2018 we have shifted focus from LTIs monitoring to also looking at leading key performance indicators.

Although the number of accidents at Penn Terminals continues a downward trend, fatalities remain an issue of concern in our industry. Any fatality is unacceptable and Penn Terminals has made a strong commitment to constantly improve safety performance in every department. This commitment entails aggressive safety activism, increased site visits, third party safety audits and a new approach to communication, among other initiatives. Resulting safety reviews and updates, including analysis of near-miss cases, injury incidents and best practices are shared throughout the facility. One of the challenges Penn Terminals is confronting is to become better at communicating safety issues and Best Practices to all personnel across our operational portfolio. We accomplish this through ‘tool box talks’ where front line supervisors recap best practices for handling the diverse cargoes to be worked on that day.

PTI recently reached a new record of 1,032 consecutive days without a LTA.