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Our Workforce

•The hourly labor force working for Penn Terminals is organized by the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers Union (“IBOB”). This Union has represented labor at Penn Terminals since its inception in 1986. Previously, during manufacturing inputs.

•The IBOB is a federally recognized union and is member of the AFL-CIO.

•Management has a strong working relationship with the Union and it’s members.

•Penn Terminals’ labor provides a competitive advantage resulting in lower costs, more flexible work rules, and consistency in the labor pool.

•The most important part of our company is our workforce. Our hourly laborers are members of the IBOB Union. These people are dedicated, motivated and experienced. They allow Penn Terminals to be competitive and offer services our competitors are not able to provide.

Our History

•Original site was utilized for the Philadelphia Naval shipyards with its peak activity during WWII.

•In 1986, 80 acres of the original shipyard facility was converted to a multipurpose terminal, now known as Penn Terminals, Inc. (PTI)

•International Brotherhood of Boilermakers union, transitions to the new facility from the shipyard. Local 802 of the Boilermakers remains on site to this day.

•In 1988, Independent Container Lines (ICL) makes its first weekly call.

•In 1991, Banacol, a reefer break bulk operator, calls PTI for regular service.

•In 2004, reefer warehouse expansion to 2,850,000 cu. ft. (80,394 CBM) is completed. Temp ranges available across six compartments 35-60°F (2-16°C) facilitating accommodation of multiple perishable commodities.

•In 2009, ownership and management transition is completed.

•In 2012, pre-WWII warehouse renovation and expansion to 200,000 sq. ft. (18,581 SQM) is completed.